We here at the Canine Liver Disease Foundation would like to welcome you to our website. This site was created in memory of my Golden Retriever, Reiley, who passed away suddenly in October of 2008 only 2 weeks after receiving the diagnosis of liver disease. While scouring the internet to find out all I could about this disease, I discovered that the information available was scarce, scattered among several different sites and was not always complete. I decided to create this site to provide all of the information I had been looking for on ONE site.

Our Mission: To educate dog owners about the signs/symptoms of liver disease and how to prevent, diagnose and treat this serious condition. We intend to reach out to the public through accurate, timely, and inspirational information distributed on our website and at our sponsored community events, as well as social networking venues and local and national pet-related businesses.

Our Vision: We want to reduce the number of liver-disease related illness and deaths by alerting the dog-owning population to the signs and symptoms of this disease. We also intend to raise money for research on prevention and treatment of canine liver disease. We plan to work to remove liver-disease as the 5th leading cause of non-accidental death in dogs and reduce the numbers of animals infected annually.

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Founder - Lisa Smith


5820 W. Peoria Ave. Ste 107

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From the Blog

Tribute to Coco Tribute to Coco

Goodbye Sweet Coco On February 16th 2011 I wrote a blog-post…saying goodbye to our Labrador Bonnie https://madsainty.wordpress.com/2011/02/16/my-beautiful-bonnie/ Nowhere in my mind did I ever consider that just over 4 years later I would be writing this about Coco who entered our lives on August 3rd 2011. A replacement for Bonnie? Never…a new little character to bring light to our lives and fun? Very much so… Having gone through the trauma of losing Bonnie so quickly you would think that life would deal you a gentler hand the next time you opened your heart and home to a little ball of canine goodness…Yet here I am today, just over 48 hours after losing Coco once again writing this down as a way of getting my head around what has happened and maybe in this case giving a small heads up to other Spaniel owners about an issue that for all the time I had Coco I had never once read about but in the last two days have read much. Through all the trials of the past four years I had Coco,... [Read more of this story]

Liver Shunt – Bailey’s Story Liver Shunt – Bailey’s Story

Lisa, First of all, thank you so much for sharing your time and efforts! We were blind-sided when our almost nine-year old Cairn Terrier, Bailey, was diagnosed with liver disease. Your website was one of the first I read looking for hope and guidance. But her outcome seems to be unique, so I would like to share it with anyone that may be facing the same challenges. Last year we were in the process of trying to find a new home and we were under a great deal of stress, so when Bailey, our 8-year-old Cairn Terrier, started moping around I thought she was just keying onto our stress. When the groomer said Bailey had lost weight, we took her to the vet who tested her for Thyroid which turned out to be okay. We increased her food and that seemed to help with her weight. We moved in December, and it looked like Bailey was missing her friends and having trouble transitioning to living on a concrete slab and her joints seemed painful. Then, in January of this year, Bailey threw up on me,... [Read more of this story]

Sydney – Australian Shepherd Sydney – Australian Shepherd

Dear Lisa, I am so glad to find and read about your foundation. I am so glad that you are trying to make humans aware of canine liver disease. I myself was totally unaware of the devastating effects of liver disease on dogs. We lost our very special sweet Australian Sheepdog Sydney to liver disease April 14, 2013. I would like to tell you her story, because she was such a wonderful dog and companion. We bought Sydney in the back of a truck full of puppies in the thumb of Michigan. We loved her from the beginning, she was the Velcro dog from the start. She was a beautiful tri colored Aussie, very athletic , a wonderful walking companion, an an AWSOME frisbee player. Most of all she was a very quirky, funny loving Aussie, and very much a part of our family. Sydney’s eighth birthday would have been May 2. Like your dog and so many others, we were completely caught off guard with this horrible disease. Sydney just started vomiting her food up. It started here and there and then... [Read more of this story]

Liver Cancer Study from Morris Animal Foundation Liver Cancer Study from Morris Animal Foundation

em>I received a phone call recently regarding this study taking place through Morris Animal Foundation. They asked that I post this information to my blog to let people know about the study and where to donate if anyone is interested. It is a great foundation and organization and hopefully they can help us put an end to canine liver cancer!  Read More →

In Memory of Riley In Memory of Riley

A Poem By Her Mommy Although I cannot see you I feel you here with me And still I cannot touch you … Right here is where you’ll be. In a way you were my teacher To help me on my way In a way you were my protector To keep the bad at bay. I miss you my friend Your breath upon my cheek Your tail just going crazy Your fur so fine and sleek. You were never just my dog You were always so much more From lots of hugs and kisses To puddles on the floor. I miss you soo very much Much more than you’ll ever know But I understand your pain And why you had to go. So until next time my faithful companion This will never be the end I love you still more ever My best and loyal friend. With her head high and proud as always!!  Read More →

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