In Memory of Connor

Hi Lisa,

Me and my wife have just lost our boy to Liver disease. It crept up so quickly we are both still in shock and disbelief. He slowed down eating etc around 4 before. As with you he had symptoms before this but they were up and down and we just believed that after antibiotics he was better. By the time we got him to the vet recently he was not a well boy. He had blood in the liver and was not getting better, as we were waiting for Blood tests etc to be done. They put him on a drip to replace any lost fluids and we were just left to wait for the results while he was tested. After a long wait we were told that he was effectively bleeding to death. We made the obvious decision to have him put down. As hard as this was for me and my wife we felt that there was nothing else to do. ALthough i was gutted. As with you guys we found ourselves telling him how much we love him and telling him this was for the best. He died in my arms on Thursday 25 Feb. Me and my wife are both devastated and cant help but blame ourselves that we should have picked it up sooner. We love our dogs and we still have Connor’s friend Matilda who is keeping us sane but still miss and think of him everyday.

Everything I do leads to this beautifully natured dog who had such a impact on us. I wanted to share this with you as I believe that Connor was so special it would not seem right not having his story for others to read. He was a Legend and will be missed deeply.

Please Please Please anyone with any of the symptoms get their dogs checked. Even if you are not sure. Its so better to be safe rather than sorry.

We love you Connor

Take care buddy.

Matt and Gabrielle Page

March 1, 2010 by Lisa  
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