In Memory of Rowdy

Hi, Lisa –

Just this past week, I came upon your website.

First, allow me to thank you for putting it together.

Secondly, I wanted to share my story with you. Feel free to post this on your website, if you wish.

My Rowdy, Mini Schnauzer (I always shaved his beard so he didn’t quite look like a Schnauzer) turned 17 years old this past September 27.

Three weeks ago today, he woke me at 4:00am having, what I came to find out, a Grand Mal seizure. Up until that morning, he acted quite normally. Even at his age, he still ran and jumped and ate like he always did. He was my hero.

After that seizure, he slowed down quite a bit and vomited quite a lot. Less than two weeks later, this past Sunday at 3:30pm, he suffered another Grand Mal. Then, at 10:30pm, yet another. Since Sunday, he’s gotten much worse on a daily basis.

I did some research and learned that the seizures could likely be caused by liver failure so I went out and got some Milk Thistle. However, he didn’t care for the taste and the capsule were way too big for him to swallow, so no Milk Thistle made its way into his little body.

Since last Sunday, there was a rapid decline in his health. By Wednesday morning, he was no longer interested in any food. By Thursday morning, also not interested in water or any fluids. By this morning, he was like a ragdoll – completely limp and unable to stand. He labored to breathe. At 10am today, he was at the Vet with us, being given an injection to put him out of his misery and send him off to be with his brother in heaven.

This past Tuesday, I did take him to the Vet and on Wednesday I found out that his liver enzymes were off-the-chart high.

Three weeks from first obvious symptom to …. off to heaven.

He and his brother (who passed on in February of 2008 supposedly from lymphoma which, I now believe crossed over to his liver because he bled out a couple times) were my world. I’m 51 years old and have no human children – Rowdy & Bear were it.

My question to you is this: Could old age cause liver disease?

I’m feeling so sad and wracking my brain as to what I could have done to prevent this…and should I have done something right after his first seizure – just three weeks ago – that may have saved him.

Please help. Thanks.

P.S. Please see his photo, attached. Photo was taken just 2 weeks ago, after his first

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In Memory of Boofer

Boofer was my 13 year old cocker spaniel. I got him when he was a puppy at a pet store in Arizona. When we went to the visitation room he grabbed a hold of my coat strings and pulled on them and I knew right then he was the dog I was going to get. He loved ice cream and bananas and my dad had a garden and he would go pick all the riped strawberries and eat them before they could get to them. He also learned how to pull corn out of the ground and shuck it. He was so full of life and so happy. He has been with me through a lot but he always had a smile on his face. He would always prance around like he was the best looking cocker spaniel when he would get his hair cut. He was my best friend. I will forever love him.

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