Good News – Liver Disease Recovery


Just another update that I hope may help others in the future. I just recapped the past 6 months.

Please feel free to copy and paste this last message to anybody that could benefit.

I just want to write about some facts. I hope it will be passed to someone that maybe is in the same situation I was. We took our 11 1/2 year old dog in because she had stopped eating the day before. this was 6 months ago the blood work came back with liver failure, internal bleeding and a white blood cell count 5 times normal.

She has had a growth in the abdominal area that we were told was nothing to worry about a couple years ago. The tumor had grown and has been uncomfortable as of lately. We read up and did all of the dietary changes and sam-e twice a day.

I read your site for months and tried to compare notes. I had to beg her to eat for months and we were just dreading the worse. She was tired and could not sleep comfortably. We gave Tramadol only at night and ceprofoxacin twice a day for 6 months. She has been on Metacam for a few years. We figured the growth on the liver was bleeding and causing an infection. I compared my dog’s condition with all of the messages I read on your site.

I called the vet and asked if we could do another round of blood work to see if the sam-e had helped after 6 months. I was told when you are in liver failure you are in hospice with out hope of recovery. I prayed we had been treating correctly and she may show signs of the liver getting better anyway.

I decided to ask for an ultra sound to see if we could see the liver and tumor. I just wanted to see if we could see anything to help our treatment. The ultra sound test is less expensive than blood work. The test showed the liver looked okay. The massive tumor seemed to be on the spleen. Our dog has bad hips and there was no guarantee that the tumor had not attached to other organs. Surgery can make her hips worse because of the way they must pull the back legs and tie them. We did blood work again. The blood work came back all normal no liver failure. With our given new hope that a dog can live without a spleen, but needed the liver to take over the spleens function we did surgery. If they could not remove the tumor we wanted to just close her up and have her continue as she had for the last 6 months.

The tumor was on the spleen and pushing on all her other organs. I wish I had been able to have been lead to this route earlier and we could have saved her many uncomfortable months. The spleen and tumor was 9 1/2 pounds. Now she only weighs 79 pounds. The missing tumor seems to allow her to walk and get up with more ease. The test results showed no signs of cancer. We were told that it is hard to dissect a tumor that large and see everything, but what they tested looked benign.

Thank you for your deepest concern and sending me those liver group sites that were helpful in my search for treatment.


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In Memory of Cooper

Hi, my name is Vanessa Lopez, i’m from Mexico.

My pomeranian named Cooper was 2 years old, was the best dog ever. Saddly when we noticed something wrong, and some tests results confirmed he had a liver desease.

My relief is that my little Cooper didn’t suffer, he never had pain, and even when he was at the vet’s hospital, he didn’t looked ill, he was in the hospital, for days, 4 days he was normal, we thought he was going to get better, we didn’t know how damaged was his liver. The last day, he just looked weak, but still not ill, and a thank God, he took him before any pain. I prayed to God did not let him suffer, just take him to be happy in heaven.

My Cooper was soooo happy, I think it was destiny, God knew what was going to happen and choose my family to take care and make him happy every single day.

I just wanted to let you know my story, one side sad because we missed him a lot, but at the same time happy, because my Cooper is in heaven, taking care of me and my family. I know it for sure.

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