Update on Tigger

Dear Lisa,

You did a story on Tigger Jan 15, 2009 . First time he had mass on liver was 2007 it was hepatocelluar carcinoma it was removed with clean margins. Sadly 8 months later it came back in another location in the liver. This time it was in a location that no vet not even the chief of surgery at a well known hospital would even dare to operate. They gave him a few months to live. Since Tigger other wise was healthy I knew I had to search for help. I found Dr. Chick Weisse from interventional radiology who stated Tigger could have a non invasive procedure called chemoembolizations to shrink tumor. Its were a small incision is made a wire then goes to tumor with chemo drugs . He stated it could work. That’s all I wanted to hear was HOPE . I had procedure done and he was to get checked in four months to see if it worked. Our 4 month visit showed that the tumor did not shrink and the vet suggested we perform another chemoembolization. I agreed and I asked if I could bring Tigger to holistic vet for supplements and to boost his immune system no problem . We then had appt for second remobilization and two months later it made tumor 50 percent smaller. Surgery was next to remove this but he had a 50% chance . I thought if I don’t fight for his life he will die soon. Off to surgery tumor removed and spleen but we did not get clean margins. So we were off to chemo in 6 weeks. Its now 2 and a half years since that surgery and chemo and Tigger is still with me. A dog who had months to live and a vet with his cutting edge technology . Tigger never lost a pound of weight and his energy was like a puppy I believe he has a strong desire to live. Through all this I had pet insurance which maxed out with just two procedures. Tigger is caninecancerawareness.org needing sponsors. Always get a second opinion and I never gave up HOPE and one renowned vet who changed our world. Tigger is truly a medical miracle.

Not Today…Not without a Fight! Cancer is a word until it hits home………

October 2, 2011 by Lisa  
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