In Memory of Cooper

Hi, My name is Vanessa I’m from Guadalajara, Mexico.

I found out about Canine Liver Disease Foundation 1 year ago. My brother, my sister and I donate every chance we have. It is very important to have an early detection of the disease. Saddly I didn’t know much about it, even though my dog just lost his appetite 3 days before he passed away. That was the only symptom, before he got jauntice but by the time he was already at the vets hospital :( .

Lisa I’d like to thank this foundation. I hope you can post my story:

I sent an e-mail to Canine Liver Disease Foundation on January 2nd 2011, the saddest day of my life. We’ve loss our little Cooper, my 2 years old pomeranian, and I must thank you, because of your foundation, and your words that made me feel better. It was really helpful to read and to know more about this disease, about other stories and to know that I was not alone in this. 1 year ago was the worst day in our lives, I didn’t understand why my Cooper had to go, but now I understand it and I know he wanted to take care of me and my family from heaven. Now he is our guardian angel. I couldn’t see pics of him until now, instead of just crying, now I laugh and smile, and I know this is what he wanted, to remember him with a smile in our faces :’).

My little beautiful Cooper, we miss you, and we thank you for the happiest time in our lives. You will always be in our hearts, every time I look up in the sky I see a star, and I know it is you. Just be happy where you are. Love you.

This video is in memory of my Cooper :)

January 3, 2012 by Lisa  
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