Liver Cancer Study from Morris Animal Foundation

em>I received a phone call recently regarding this study taking place through Morris Animal Foundation. They asked that I post this information to my blog to let people know about the study and where to donate if anyone is interested. It is a great foundation and organization and hopefully they can help us put an end to canine liver cancer!


Using Human Diagnostic Tools to Identify Liver Cancers

Dr. Elizabeth A. Ballegeer, Michigan State University, First Award Grant
Total Study Cost: $115,687
Thoroughly evaluating masses in the canine liver presents a diagnostic challenge. It requires invasive diagnostic techniques, such as biopsy and fine-needle aspiration, that are sometimes effective but usually don’t completely show microscopic changes in liver masses. Imaging is particularly relevant in the diagnostic evaluation of the canine liver. This study will examine a radioactive drug used to diagnose human cancer combined with both positron emission tomography and computed tomography to determine whether this noninvasive technique can help diagnose liver disease and expedite therapeutic intervention in dogs. Results from this study will contribute to the little information known about the use of this particular form of imaging in diagnosing and prescribing treatment for canine liver cancers.


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In Memory of Riley

A Poem By Her Mommy

Although I cannot see you
I feel you here with me
And still I cannot touch you
… Right here is where you’ll be.
In a way you were my teacher
To help me on my way
In a way you were my protector
To keep the bad at bay.
I miss you my friend
Your breath upon my cheek
Your tail just going crazy
Your fur so fine and sleek.
You were never just my dog
You were always so much more
From lots of hugs and kisses
To puddles on the floor.
I miss you soo very much
Much more than you’ll ever know
But I understand your pain
And why you had to go.
So until next time my faithful companion
This will never be the end
I love you still more ever
My best and loyal friend.

With her head high and proud as always!!

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Copper Storage Disease in Scottish Terriers

Dear Lisa,
Having just read an article on your site about the disproportionate number of Scotties being diagnosed with Copper Storage Disease I felt I had to contact you.

2 weeks ago I lost my little man, Jack. He was 9 and died from Liver Cirrhosis brought about from Copper Storage Disease. I wondered if there were any links within his pedigree to the cases you site and I hoped that the information may be useful to hopefully save another owner from the heartache and grief we are currently going through.

Jack: Atlanticbell Firecracker
Sire: Solomons Diamond – Champion WIldermist Clint/Millendaw Mixed Up
Dam: Quinsan Kittys Gem – Fred of Capeldewi/Esther Flip Flop

Jack was purchased from a breeder in Buxton, Staffordshire, England in November 2002. I believe his fathers side has travelled to the USA and bred there as I can find reference to that bloodline on the internet. I cannot find any reference to his mothers side at all.

Obviously its a long shot, but if any of the Scotties you have come across do have the same bloodline it may help some way in diagnosing this horrible disease before its too late.
Many thanks
Jane Barker

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