A Touching Memorial Poem

This message was posted to one of the Canine Liver Disease Yahoo Groups that I belong to and I really loved the sentiment so I thought I would post it here for everyone to read.

When I was a puppy
I was very much afraid
Then I met you
And I knew I belonged to someone who would always care

When I was a young dog
I did some things to try you
And you would sometimes get angry, but in the end
You never stopped loving me.

When I was a grown up dog
Oh, the fun we had!
I think I loved the hose no, the ball, no, agility class
Well, it all was so wonderful, to spend my happiest and best days with you.

When I was a middle aged dog
You understood when I could not do the things I once could
When I would tire on a walk
How I loved to be carried home safely in your arms

When I became an older dog
I could see my whole life in your eyes.
You were so loving and patient
And I loved nothing more than to just lie quietly with you

When I became a sick dog
Oh the sadness we both felt
But how you cared for me
Oh, that I will never forget

You’d wipe my eyes, and clean me up
And never once got angry
When I would lose control of my body
Your patience and understanding were what let me keep my dignity

When I was a dying dog
You never once left me
Although it was hard for you to watch me as my life came to an end
You did so out of a love stronger than I had ever known before

As I lay in your arms
My whole life flashed before me
And I saw that it was a good life, filled with wonderful memories to last me over the bridge…and beyond

All because you were my person, and I was your dog

In Memory of my golden girl Reiley “Monster” – I miss you still after all these months. I love you!!


May 27, 2009 by Lisa  
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2 Comments on "A Touching Memorial Poem"

  1. instant cash advance on Fri, 28th Aug 2009 1:34 am 

    Oh what a sweet tribute. I would love to think we will never go through that but that would be niave to say the least. My hearts breaks at the mere thought of something happening to any of my fur babies. Something so out of my control. Diseases for animals and humans are just sad to say the least.
    We need to enjoy each and every momment. JMO.

  2. Kylie Batt on Thu, 22nd Apr 2010 1:47 am 

    ??????????, ????? ?????? ?????…, ????????????? ?????…

    When I was a puppy
    I was very much afraid
    Then I met you
    And I knew I belonged to someone who would always […….

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