In Memory of Boofer

Boofer was my 13 year old cocker spaniel. I got him when he was a puppy at a pet store in Arizona. When we went to the visitation room he grabbed a hold of my coat strings and pulled on them and I knew right then he was the dog I was going to get. He loved ice cream and bananas and my dad had a garden and he would go pick all the riped strawberries and eat them before they could get to them. He also learned how to pull corn out of the ground and shuck it. He was so full of life and so happy. He has been with me through a lot but he always had a smile on his face. He would always prance around like he was the best looking cocker spaniel when he would get his hair cut. He was my best friend. I will forever love him.

November 21, 2010 by Lisa  
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  1. Jenny on Sun, 21st Nov 2010 3:43 pm 

    Its not the same now that I know you are gone. I loved you so much and you were my best friend. You were so comical on the things you did. We had your funeral yesterday and during our service for you the church bells started ringing. God knows he is getting a special dog in heaven. You will always forever be in my heart and I love you so much. The tears will fall for a long time to come. I miss you so much Boofer.

  2. Jenny on Mon, 19th Nov 2012 4:35 pm 

    I didnt post a year ago because it was still to much to know that you were not here anymore. Today has been 2 years that we had you at the vet for your platelets. I still miss you more than ever. Siam passed away 2 weeks ago I hope you 2 are together. I miss you both so much!

  3. Jenny on Mon, 18th Nov 2013 2:50 am 

    Boofer you have been gone for 3 years this year. I know you aren’t alone because of other pets I have loved are there and Siam is now there with you. I miss you both so much. November is a hard month for me because I lost both you and Siam in November. I cry a lot still. I found a oet rock I finally liked for you and Siam. they both are the same. I love you baby boy and give my other baby boy a kiss for me. Until we all meet on the rainbow bridge I will forever keep you in my heart.

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