In Memory of Cooper

Hi, my name is Vanessa Lopez, i’m from Mexico.

My pomeranian named Cooper was 2 years old, was the best dog ever. Saddly when we noticed something wrong, and some tests results confirmed he had a liver desease.

My relief is that my little Cooper didn’t suffer, he never had pain, and even when he was at the vet’s hospital, he didn’t looked ill, he was in the hospital, for days, 4 days he was normal, we thought he was going to get better, we didn’t know how damaged was his liver. The last day, he just looked weak, but still not ill, and a thank God, he took him before any pain. I prayed to God did not let him suffer, just take him to be happy in heaven.

My Cooper was soooo happy, I think it was destiny, God knew what was going to happen and choose my family to take care and make him happy every single day.

I just wanted to let you know my story, one side sad because we missed him a lot, but at the same time happy, because my Cooper is in heaven, taking care of me and my family. I know it for sure.

January 4, 2011 by Lisa  
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One Comment on "In Memory of Cooper"

  1. Dante on Tue, 4th Jan 2011 7:14 pm 

    Cooper, we will miss you forever.

    Espero que camines sabroso, de medio lao en el cielo….

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