Tigger’s Story

January 15, 2009 by Lisa  
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I’m writing to tell you a story about Tigger 11 year old male poodle mixed (poomix) that I adopted from Rescue 3 years ago (they saved him from being put down at shelter). August 07 he had a mass on liver and he had his liver resection. Dx was hepatocelluar carcinoma. His biopsy came back within clean margins. Tigger had elevated enzymes and no other problems. In May 08 he mass returned in liver but in a difficult location for surgery. Our fight was again to start. Tigger underwent two chemoembolizations to try and shrink the mass. Second treatment reduced it by 50 percent. So, in Dec 08 he had surgery but we did not get clean margins . Now our only treatment was chemo to try and kill the cells left. He already had his first treatment. Tiggers story has been on NJ Best friends network Dec 08, poomixrescue and pets911. Its about a great group who helped me – caninecancerawareness.org. Tigger is on the sponsor page. Tigger so far has never lost a pound of weight and eats and plays like nothing is wrong. From the first day of this battle, it has been a roller coaster ride. After the first surgery I had Tigger on cancer diet and supplements for his immune system and his liver. Here is my son my love my everything!!!!!!!!! My Rocky!!  You can sponsor Tigger on the Canine Cancer Awareness website.  We are trying to raise money for his treatments.

Support www.caninecancerawareness.org
Not Today…Not without a Fight!
Cancer is a word until it hits home………