One Year

October 30, 2009 by Lisa  
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Hello to all of you that have used our website and contacted me this past year.

From the time I put the website up in January to this past week, the affirmation that I have received from you all has been amazing.  I used to get 1-2 emails per month asking for resources, sharing stories or just looking for a sympathetic ear and now I get 1-2 per day.  We have over 3300 visitors to the website each month and we are #1 on google for various search terms related to canine liver disease.  Our site has become successful beyond what I could have imagined.

The good news is that the website is helping to inform, give hope and connect people who are dealing with this terrible disease.  It is becoming a premiere resource for people searching for information to help their pets and dear friends & I am SO grateful that I can be a part of making a difference, even a small one, in the lives of a family and their furry friend.

It has been 1 year on this exact day since our beloved Reiley passed away and I am reminded each day through the work I do for CLDF that her death was not in vain.  I miss her each and every day and am very sad that she was taken from me at only 9 years of age by something so terrible as liver disease.  I am angry that more is not done to help understand and eradicate this problem and I am working toward trying to make a difference in the prevention and early detection of CLD.

Thank you to all who have written to me, called and emailed, it is for you and your pets that I do what I do.  Thank you for helping me to keep Reiley’s memory alive and well each and every day, I do miss her very much and love her still.


Lisa Smith

Founder, Canine Liver Disease Foundation

Dedicated to my first “baby”, Reiley – I love you, miss you & we are making a difference!