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Doodly Review 2021 – Doodle Software

If like us you want a video animator, you might scour the internet for some of the most popular products in this category. There are numerous video creation software and products on the market, and one way to find the right one for you is to look in a category that will appeal to your audience. Whiteboard animation and videos have grown in popularity in recent times and studies suggest that these are more appealing to users and can increase engagement.

With this in mind, you are likely considering which of the numerous whiteboard software on the market to choose. Many users of Doodly described it as being versatile, easy to use, and so on. We will consider the features of the Doodly software as well as any drawbacks that it might have.

Whiteboard Animation

This form of media has become more popular and indeed has found a foothold as one of the most frequently used types of video in marketing and similar ventures. These animations come with the ability to boost your conversion rate. Why? Well, it boils down to the design. They are pretty easy to understand, straightforward, and pretty to look at. With these videos, you can explain abstract concepts and difficult stuff to your audience with minimal fuss.

Whiteboard animations are deeply personal and most viewers have reported that they have better grasped concepts after watching a whiteboard animation video. It is eerily similar to taking a piece of paper and a pencil to explain to someone.

At their core, these videos are explainer videos.


Doodly Overview

Doodly Review

We have provided a background of whiteboard animation videos, so, let us now consider what the Doodly software is.

This software, as you might have guessed, it a whiteboard animation software. It comes with several unique properties, including but not limited to a drag and drop builder. It is quite enjoyable to use and popular due to the usability.

Whether you have experience using whiteboard animation software or not, many users have reported that the software is easy to use. Different people in different professions find Doodly to be really handy. Some places where the software has found applications include in social media, marketing, education, and so on.

Some of the things that you will find here is a plethora of characters in the media library. You will also have the ability to make your image or upload a compatible file on to the software. Image selection is an easy and a simple first step to creating your whiteboard animation.

Apart from the ability to upload images, Doodly also offers you the ability to include sound in your video. There is plenty of music available to you at no additional cost and without any royalties.

Another nice thing about the software is its compatibility with operating systems. To that end, you are able to set it up simultaneously on different computers. On either, you can create as much as you desire.

With all these in mind, let us now have a detailed consideration of the features of this software.


Features of Doodly

Features of Doodly

  • Images

We have pointed out that the software has a library. It is the wealth of images that make it excellent for several people as that is what they have commented that drew them to the software.

A look at the library reveals that there are over 1000 images available, all of which have been expertly made by top rated graphic designers. You will get more than 190 characters and 20 poses. In addition, we discovered more than 19 backgrounds and several props. Thus, if you have a project, you are likely to find exactly the characters that you want.

Checked the library and still cannot find the character you want? Well, Doodly allows you to have a request line. That way, you can tell the company what you want and their team of creators will make it for you.

  • Music

On several software, this ability is somewhat difficult, but that is certainly not the case with this option. On Doodly, you get a pair of soundtrack slots serving important purposes. The first slot is where you place the background music while the other allows you to include a voiceover.

It sounds simplistic, but it is quite versatile as it allows you to adjust and edit until you find the correct combination of music and voiceover.

With this software, you can include several clips easily and enjoy your video. You can keep doing this until you have the length of time that you want.

Some have complained that they aren’t enough tracks available for them to use. Well, we have found that the number of tracks available to you is dependent on the type of plan you buy. The basic plan gives you 20 tracks while the most expensive plan gives you up to 80 tracks.

Adding a voiceover is possible. However, you should not that you cannot record a voiceover right from the software. Instead, this can be done on some other software then imported to the clip. However, you shouldn’t be too worried as the importation is easy to do.

  • Video Editing

When making a video, one of the hardest and most stressful things to do is to edit. Therefore, you must consider software that makes it easy to carry out your editing. We have considered the video editing capabilities of Doodly and discovered that it is excellent in this regard. It makes the whole job of editing simple and straightforward.

After you have created the video, there is the timeline at the bottom of the video. This is where you can make all the adjustments that you want, ranging from the ability to change the video style to the hand that does the drawing and all of that.

There is also the media list which, as the name implies, indicates the additions and adjustments that you have made to the video.

  • Customizations

While there are several whiteboard animation software on the market, only a few have the ability to customize as much as what this software offers you.

It is quite easy to customize the videos, and even easier to upload and share the videos to other platforms. When you are trying to export, you get several customization options. For example, before you share it, you can decide important stuff like the resolution and quality of the video you have created. After this has been done, you can the share it out to the platform that you want.

One of our favorite things about Doodly is that you can take the videos and upload them to social media pages and platforms. Apart from that, if you have a website, the software gives you the ability to embed the created video.

  • Ease of Use

This is more of a benefit than a feature, and it is certainly one of the best things that people appreciate about the software. Many users that we considered when creating this review might have one thing or the other that they did not like about the software, but something that they all agreed on is that the software is easy to use.

If this is the first time using a whiteboard video creation software, you certainly might have a tricky time at first. However, unlike many of the new-age programs, the UI here ensures that you master using the software as quickly as possible.

All the functions are clearly identified and you know the right steps to take when looking to create a video. Therefore, even with very little experience, you will find that you can easily use the software.

  • Offline Use

There are many reasons why people have decided to opt for Doodly. This feature means that it has a good advantage over others in places where the connection is spotty.

All you have to do with this software is to download it on to your computer, install and get ready to work even without an internet connection.

If you certainly required an internet connection, you’d likely suffer from lagging.

  • Several Canvases

We have pointed out that this software is designed with a plethora of characters, images, and other media.

This versatility and customization options also extend to the canvas. The type of canvas you use might not seem important, but it certainly has an effect on the engagement of your audience and how much you can capture their attention. Well, you get a reasonable level of customization here. The software allows you to decide between four canvases.

  • Hands

Diversity and inclusion are important and the hand you use will have an effect on your audience. Well, you get that diversity here. The type of hand that you use is one way by which you can personalize the video and make it more appealing to viewers.

You can choose different hand colors and genders.


How Doodly Works

We have considered several of the most important advantages of this software, so let us briefly look at how this software works. The software is pretty handy and easy to use. There are different ways to achieve the video that you want, but these steps are a general guide on how to use the software. To use the software, follow these steps:

  • Choose the canvas that you want to draw on
  • Include the images and other media that you want to add to your video for personalization and all that.
  • After this step, you can then include the music or the voiceover that you want in the video
  • Edit, save, and export to the platform you desire

As is seen above, the Doodly software is rather simple to use and you will find it easy even if this is your first foray into managing or creating whiteboard animations.

Reasons to choose Doodly

After considering all the features, it is almost a no-brainer choosing this software. Just as a reminder, here are the reasons why this software stands apart from the others on the market today.

  • As we have said and will keep pointing out, this software is simply so easy to use. After your initial tries, you will be able to make videos is mere minutes.
  • The library of the software is quite expansive. You get loads of images and royalty-free music. Moreover, the software is updated frequently. Therefore, there is always something new that you can try out.
  • Despite all of the features and impressive nature of the software, it is one of the cheaper animation software to buy today
  • One of the favorite things about this is that you can use it offline. It, therefore, comes in pretty handy when you stay in an area that has a spotty network connection.

Drawbacks of Doodly

As with all other software, Doodly comes with its fair share of things that we didn’t really like. Although the features are generally impressive, here are some of the things that certainly could be better.

  • Exporting to other platforms is not fast. Even with a pretty fast connection, it can take almost an hour to send a 5 minute video. And it can even take a longer time.
  • Other software offers you a trial period. That is not offered by this software.
  • Although editing is cool, there isn’t the ability to synchronize the sound and the video. This will increase the time spent on editing your videos.

Who should use this software?

Throughout the post, we have mentioned some of those that will find the software useful. Some of those that will find Doodly handy include marketers, social media managers, educators, product managers, and so on.


Whiteboard animations are deeply personal and most viewers have reported that they have better grasped concepts after watching a whiteboard animation video.

So, is the Doodly software one that we recommend? Yes. Although it comes with flaws, these are rather minuscule compared to the benefits derived. Whether you have experience using whiteboard animation software or not, many users have reported that the software is easy to use.

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